We have chosen the unusual law firm name of "Business Law Associates, L.C.," to convey the focus of our practice. We do not handle divorce cases, drunk driving defense, or personal injury law suites.  We focus on the needs of the small business owner.  That often includes real estate issues, lending issues, government regulation issues, and contract issues of all kinds.  It certainly does include corporate divorces (disputes between owners), or, better still, owner agreements to prevent owner disputes (think in terms of a "corporate prenuptial agreement").  Our focus also includes estate planning because the future of your business may depend upon it. We can help you with employee issues, covenants not-to-compete where appropriate, customer conflicts, and most of all we can help you stay out of the black hole of litigation. After three decades of practice,  we have learned efficient and inexpensive ways of forming a business, selling a business, and running the legal affairs of a business.


The most important and unrecognized service we provide is a product we call “Quantum Trial.” Thirty years of practice has taught us one great truth, the justice system and small businesses do not play well together.  The legal system is a one size fits all process designed to resolve multi-billion dollar problems and $10,000 problems with the same rules, the same schedule, and the same calendar.  There is no efficiency in this system, therefore no justice in the system for solving problems under $100,000. We have watched partners destroy a lucrative business in less than 1 year by suing each other.  We have seen $100,000 in attorney fees wasted to resolve a $1,000 issue.

What Utah business owners need is the ability to litigate disputes of any size in 60 days or less for $1500 or less in total costs.  WE HAVE FIGURED OUT HOW TO DO JUST THAT.  Go to the Dispute Resolution tab on this website for an overview of our Quantum Trial system.  See if it makes sense for your litigation needs.




J. Steven Newton is the owner and managing attorney of the law firm.  He graduated from BYU Law School as a member of the first graduating class in 1976 and has a broad business transaction and litigation background.  Most relevant to the business owner is his service as an officer of the Corporate Counsel Section of the Utah State Bar Association for four years including service as Chairman of the Section.  He served as in-house legal counsel for Sinclair Oil Corporation for 6 years, and in 2004 was named by the Utah Business Magazine as one of the "top 100" corporate attorneys in the state.  He also has a vast background in local government including service as the Mayor of Sandy City, service on the boards of two water districts, as founder and Chairman of the Alta Canyon Recreation Special Service District, and founder and Chairman of the Valley Emergency Communication Center for the Salt Lake valley.  Steve has represented/ litigated matters for and against mortgage companies, title companies, banks, real estate brokers, general contractors, sub-contractors, construction material suppliers, restaurants, agriculture operations, real estate developers, fast food franchises, oil companies, publishers, fireworks companies, governments, condominium associations, landlords, tenants, payroll companies, software companies, web developers, small manufacturers, retailers, accounting firms, billboard companies, investors, shareholders, and a myriad of other small business operations.  Steve formed Business Law Associates, L.C., in 1996 and has dedicated himself to a small business practice ever since. 

 As the owner and managing attorney of Business Law Associates, L.C., most issues begin in his office.  If an associate can handle an issue more cheaply or effectively, it may be to your advantage to deal with an associate or one of our support staff.  This website contains many the tips and tricks Steve has learned over the years for staying out of trouble and keeping legal costs down.   We hope you find this web site interesting and helpful.



Business Law Associates, L.C.




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